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Rob is a level 20
Chaotic Evil Dwarf Pit Fighter
who is willing to do anything to get ahead. He will always spend all of his gold on ale and whores.
Cj is a level 20
Chaotic Evil Halfling Shadow Assassin
who will kill anyone who stands in his way. He also has a thing for sexy Dragonborn women.

PodCaust started many, many, many moons ago. I met CJ in college. I was showing my finished portfolio, that was done in that crazy thing that was sweeping the intartubes at the time called Flash (as I have a degree in Multimedia/Computer Graphics), to interested students and faculty. It just so happens that fate was on my side that fateful day. CJ had wandered in to the classroom to get out of the cold as I was starting my presentation and he wasn't completely bored by my sub-par work in the arts.

I went above and beyond my classmates by creating my own music for my presentation. I mostly dabble in the "New-Age/Folk/Industrial/Pop/Jungle/Deep House/Dark House/Hip-Hope/Trip-Hop/ Political/Non-Country" sub-genre and he was smitten with it. After the presentation, he cornered me and started babbling. It turned out he too also dabbled in making "New-Age/Folk/Industrial/Pop/Jungle/Deep House/Dark House/ Hip-Hope/Trip-Hop/Political/Non-Country" music as well. After many months of slowly bonding over our love of Zombie films, shitty sci-fi flicks, and random pop culture musings, we got on the subject of podcasts.

We discussed how everyone has a podcast, and alot of them are complete shit. We could do better. At first, it was a joke. “Like, how about a podcast about German techno music? It would be called PodCaust.” Then the joke never ended. We dropped the idea about talking about nothing but German techno music, but kept the name. After finally getting some recording gear, we got to work. Nothing was off-limits to us. Then we listened to our very first podcast. It sucked.

We decided to do it again, but this time make it better, faster, and stronger. And then that one sucked as well. It wasn't until our 3rd try that it started to gel. And ever since we've gotten together every Friday to record a new one. We hope that whoever listens to them enjoys them. We have a great time doing them , and that's all that matters...... Until the money starts rolling in. Then it's every man for himself.

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