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Cj decides that a riding lawn mower would make the best weapon in a zombie outbreak. Dennis Hopper is kind of a dick.
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Games of the year. Well game of the year. Buff is a renegade. Rob learns about British Horror from Cj. If we were going to make a zombie flick, it would be an art-house flick. Send Cj hate mail!
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Well, we did it! Made it to our teens, and only with a minimal amount of self-mutiliation. Episode 13 is here! This is a pretty random episode. We start with masterbating to Jesse Spanno and end with the best sidekick ever: Boner Stabone. Lots of random stuff in between. So pull up a chair and relax. It's time for the sweet, sexy sounds of Rob and Cj.
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Ah, good old number 14. The time in a boy's life where the self mutilation gets a bit riskier, Marilyn Manson seems super awesome, and masterbation is nonstop. In this episode a wide variety of topics are discussed. We recieved our first piece of hate mail directed towards Cj! We take a journey down memory lane with items from the 1983 Sears Holiday Gift Catalog. He-Man, GI JOES, American Gladiators are all discussed. Rob fucking hates Fester's Quest yet Cj loves it?! Horrible taste in games Cj has, yes? Please send more hate mail towards Cj and if so inclined to Rob. Or love mail. We aren't picky.
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Don't call it a comeback bitches. The Podcaust is here to stay. We call out the bastards at Press A to Join. They wanted a war, they got a drunk Rob calling them queers. That's how we roll. Is CJ 2 fast 2 furious? Zodiac is the best Fincher flick Rob has ever seen. Could John Locke be the new star of Man vs. Wild? Rob finally understands what CJ was talking about when he went on a racist tirade against the Brits and thier horror flicks. We are all over the place on this one as we haven't seen each other in over 3 weeks.
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Well we did it. The very first sober episode of the PodCaust. We don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Please let us know. In this episode we take a moment of silence for Heath Ledger (R.I.P). It also turns out, we are very hateful when not under the influence. Fuck Nintendo, fuck Microsoft, and fuck the guys from Press A. This episode is mostly video game centric (at least more than usual), Bionic Commando, Undertow, Goldeneye, Assassins Creed and more are discussed. Cj wants to gouge out his eye and wear Mad Eye Moody's eye piece. Rob thinks he's a freak and can't stand lazy eyes. Are there any "Reals" in your community? There are in ours. Shout-outs to Mary and the other nerd girls at Ask a Cute Nerd Girl along with his cousin Jayson and the guys from Civil Definition
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And here it is, the 17th episode of our little show. Can't believe we are almost to number 20. Be advised, we talk about the newest episode of Lost in this one. So SPOILER ALERT! Starts at 3 mins and lasts to about 10 minutes in. Turok, Rez HD, DMC 4, and Burnout are also discussed. King of Kong is fucking awesome. The new version of Thriller is in the making. Would Justin Timberlake make a good Freddy? Ooooh Girl. Rob's recipe for his "10-alarm super kickass chili" can be found in the S.O.C. section of the site. Anybody have any milk for Rob's burning penis? Check out our new forums!!!!!
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Here it is, the 18th episode! We are now legally able to buy smokes and vote. Like the last one we chat about Lost starting at about 6:00 minutes in and lasting until about 17:40. We take another of Anderson's ideas and re-do a top 10 list as our original list was lost to the sands of time. This list: Top 10 Horror Flicks that we chose 10 minutes before recording. We apologize for the shitty 17th episode and hope to make up for it with this one. It's double the length with twice of the awesomeness! Remember to register on our forums!
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Finally! Episode 19 is here. Cj finally got back from his cruise. He went from port to port and didn't use any protection. Lost talk from 3:15-10:45. Rob finally hopped on the PS3 bandwagon and is loving every minute of it. And on a very special episode of the PodCaust, Rob may have some wierd disease. Listen as he talks about his latest doctor adventure. PSP talk, D&D 4.0, burning penises all over again, and Eye of Judgement is fucking talked about and is fucking awesome. Join the forums!!!! Join the PodCaust ARMY!!!
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And here is episode 20! We really hope you have enjoyed listening as we enjoy talking out of our asses on most topics. RIP Gary Gygax. We are sorry you missed your saving throw. Part 2 of Rob's "doctor adventures". Lost talk from 8:45 - 23:00 minutes in. X-Files with Xzibit? Random talk about video games and more.
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