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Episode 21 is now here. Shout outs to the guys on the message board: Ari, Nerdious and Big Brother. Keep on keepin' on guys. Lost talk starts at 2:03 and lasts until 14:00. Please send Cj email about why he needs to watch BSG! Our parents have good taste in movies. Cj thinks he is good at RTS games, but Alwyn will destroy him. Will Cj make a good dungeon master? Chances are he'll give up before we even start. Random episode once again. Video games, the show Extras, and more are discussed.
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And because you demanded it, episode 22 is finally here! Lost talk from 4:30-14:00. Rob finally got a PSP and deems God of War and Crisis Core awesome. Is America ready for the shitty remake of Spaced? Cj drops a bombshell on the 360 front. Go and buy The Mist right now. Is Cj stuck in Arrested Development? Listen and tell your friends about us!
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Oh how I hate power outages. You get a slightly shorter episode this week thanks to us losing about 30 mins worth of topics thanks to my shoddy power strip. COD4, a summer of superhero movies, and techno music is discussed. Random as hell. Learn to lie.
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Welcome to WPOD with Stryker and the DINGO! Comin' atcha on the hot tip. Trying something new with this one. I am Legend is talked about and spoiled. Did Rob like it? Did Cj? We listen to viewer mail. Call and leave us a message! 1-206-350-3673 Building good robot us's as kids while catching ghosts. STATION!!!!
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And we're back with a fucking vengeance! We need to move this fucking island. Claire and Christian were fucking baked as hell. Maximum Overdrive was too cool for school. We hate Ladybugs. Gamestop and GTAIV. How did werewolves, vampires and zombies bore Cj? Chris Walken stops by, Wow!
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Ohh my. You are some lucky people. This is our most epic podcast yet! Weighing in at a meaty 119 minutes, this is our longest yet. Lost talk in the beginning. Is Slater coming to the island? The Office is getting better and better. McSteamy for the win. Our top 10 video games of all time. You'd be surprised at the answers. We unveil the very first "Who is your Daddy, and What does he do?" segment. And our very FIRST CONTEST! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS You won't want to miss this. Vie for a chance to win the "MYSTERY BOX OF AWESOMENESS!
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The very first winner of our very first contest is announced: Corey and Blaine tied and it came down to the roll of the D20! Congrats to the winner! Lesley joins us and brings us the very first "Grey's Anatomy Minute That Stretches into 10 minutes" segment. House sucks. Cj cracks the terror alert code. Orange = DEA stealing your bongs. Darkman > Spiderman. Cj gets Rob excited about Naruto. Keenan sucks and there is a bee in the backseat. .
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Ben Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms yo! Oh sad little blind man. Lost chit chat. Dorff and The Lesser Baldwin. Random topics in between. A whole bunch of viewer mail. Is that chocolate or poop? Poop.
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Cj is afraid of Fear Itself. Diary of the Dead vs. Cloverfield: Look at the sky flowers, Rob. We dare you to go on and break a sweat. Are there hidden undertones in the cinematic masterpiece, Little Monsters? Could Cronenberg or Aronofsky make the Ninja Turtles relevant? What's better: DuckTales or Looney Tunes to the XTREME?! Mick Jagger on a hover Rascal would be the best thing ever.
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Even Eric Roberts and Jack Noseworthy can't save Fear Itself. Forrest Whitaker couldn't save the Twilight Zone. We spoil the fuck out of There Will Be Blood. Also about 35 mins in, we spoil The Happening. Good Vibrations? No. Mr. Glass beatboxing? EPIC. Rob wishes he could be Solid Snake and we reminisce about MMORPG's from the past...for awhile. We answer some awesome questions from the board. I'm so high Gilbert...
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