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Rob dreams about Rosario Dawson and Lesley naked. Cj dreams about all of us on a Cruise Ship? Cj is going to be the next Last Comic Standing! Spore kicks all sorts of ass. 3D0 was pretty shitty. PotGuy666 was crusing AOL back in the day. Cj loves Jazzy Jeff. Why aren't there any better Zombie games out? Cj has some epic ideas. Midgets can fly, Rob waits until his parents leave so he can masterbate. Cj could easily punch a snake.
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The hand that wrote this letter is the Wild Eyed Boy imprisoned. Oh man! Look at those cavemen go! So where were the spiders while the fly tried to break our balls? Don't lean on us man, cause you can't afford the ticket. A trickle of strangers were all that were left alive; But you, my love, were kind, but love has left you dreamless. Dizzy in the head, and I'm feeling blue, what can I do for you? Looks like you've been there too . We can be Heroes, just for one day. Don't you wonder sometimes, about sound and vision? Yeah, I'm afraid of Americans. I'm afraid of the words. I'm afraid I can't help it pathetic little fat man. During all of this we talk about the 3DO, what would happen if the Mist actually happened and some Dungeons and Dragons talk. Watch out for Cj's puppets and for Rob's pig-bolo.
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Cj joins the HD generation and is finally understanding the love for Arrested Development. Skippy isn't cool, even with nuts. Would Chandler make a good Cereal Killer? Rob thinks so. Comic movies are all the rage, and we want some others to be made. Mr. Belding is The Machine, Cj grosses Rob out for once and Rob is heading to Seattle! Keep the boards alive!
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And Rob is back after a week drunk off his ass in Seattle. Lots of stuff happened. Overtipping, meeting men off of the internet, using farm equipment and much more. We talk about Iron Man and The Dark Knight (no plot spoilers here!). Cj promotes finally. Gaxonline for the win. A lot of E3 talk involving Fable 2, Fallout 3, Too Human and more. Make sure to check out peoplearemagnets. You can hear a song at the end of the podcast.
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Previously on PodCaust: Where the fuck are the diamonds?! We don't talk about The Dark Knight, shoutouts to the new members, Gametap is pretty fucking cool. 1408 and Southland Tales both suck hard. Pokemon hooked us in and then let us go. Rob and Cj reminisce about what the Rock was indeed cooking. Cj finally watches Oldboy and Cj compares it to Wheels on Meals. And RIP Estelle Getty.
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Our two heroes chat for a bit about The Dark Knight since Cj finally saw it. Then we go into our ideas for the eventual 3rd entry in the series. Then there is a lot of talk about the new movies and shows from Comic Con 08. Our crack reporter in the field, Ari, is back for part 2 of his report on SDCC08. Is Cj wrong for loving Billy Corgan's work after Simease Dream? Rob is more of a fan of Gish. Lost, Heroes, Watchmen, The Wolfman and Wolverine are all talked about
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Spacely Sprocket in the hizouse! Rob professes his hate towards Oblivion while Cj listens in horror. Braid, Geometry Wars 2, Fallout 3 and the Naruto demo are all talked about. Sliders sucks. Cartoons from our youth were awesome. Go see Pineapple Express!
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We're almost to our 1 year anniversary and Rob is excited. Cj wants to quit. He's too good for the PodCaust. We discuss Star Wars, the new direction that WB wants to take the DC universe, Kevin Spacey and more. The Force Unleashed is talked about and we both love it. Stay tuned for a new contest next episode!
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My fellow PodCaustians, we will fight them on the forums! We will fight them on the Myspace! We will fight them in the email! We will fight and keep fighting for our glorious PodCaust! And in the midst of this we find time to talk about Curb your Enthusiasm, what defines being a "geek", and the awesomeness that is Point Break and Newsradio. Make sure to go and buy a Chocolate Covered Jesus. And a super long "Who is your daddy and what does he do?" segment.
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We have the very first promo for a new Law and Order spinoff. It's epic. We chat a bit about Curb, Fahey and Guttenberg. My brother stops by for quick segment. Cj reviews Graveyard Dolls and we answer more questions from the boards. Gotta love that Jawa porn.
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