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Cj starts by hating on "The Frighteners" and we end by grossing him out. In between: David Cronenberg, Tarantino and Boll movies are discussed. Would John Stamos be a good replacement in the Evil Dead flicks? Cartoons, Rob's fucked up head and much more are talked about.
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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us! And a big thanks to you! Contest winners announced, we chat about the horrible premier of SNL and more. Rob wants to be Speed Racer, we hope the new fall games are good, and we don't know shit about DC Universe Online. CJ describes his Guitar Hero MMORPG and he also generalizes the entire Asian race. Check out
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CJ loves The Stuff and Rob loves Megan Fox in Blu. Rob is pretty sure he's the first person to hate Bill O'Reilly. The Office is back and great, Heroes is back and sucks even worse than usual. Warhammer sucks CJ in, Rob makes every character look just like him, and Rob has the power to talk anyone into anything.
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It's a fast food hoedown! Taco Bell or White Castle?! Have you ever wondered what we do for a living? No? Well you're gonna hear about it. Then Fej from the boards stops over, we take a break, and we comeback lifted. Random as hell. Make it so.
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This one is for our listeners. Hit it! Rob makes his first level in LBP and loves it. Left 4 Dead is gonna be awesome. Rob prefers Ladybugs while CJ prefers Sidekicks. Fred Savage loves water sports, Purple Rain was awesome, we sport the jean jackets and the slap bracelets and Rob was dropped on his head.
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Have a spooktacular Halloween and vote! All horror talk this episode. Saw sucks, The Ring freaked us out, Zombies are better slow, and The Thing rocks. Cube > Resident Evil. Dead Space is pretty great. Haunted houses, graveyards and CJ had some great costumes. George freaks Rob out and CJ played a horror game Rob has never heard of before.
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CHANGE! WOO! Re-Animator is awesome, Rest Stop fucking sucks, and Oldboy shouldn't be remade. Rob punches his erection into submission, Fallout 3 sucks us in and Gears 2 is pretty awesome. Has Kevin Smith made a new hit? Keenan Thompson has a fan and we think we should have our own reality show. A pretty random episode.
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The NXE is here! Rob's background is fucking obscene. A baby was almost born during a Left 4 Dead playsession and Rob was going to puke on it. There has got to be a good game about Shadowrun one of these days. Don't drink the ovaltine and watch out for the AIDS PIGS!
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We hope you all had a great Turkey Day! We filled our bellies with loads of starch and Rob rocked out with his little siblings and became George Lucas. CJ wants to join the cast of Sliders, we discuss Confessions of a Superhero and Naruto pisses Rob off. We chat about how lazy we are and the awesomeness of old timey gyms.
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We made it to episode 50! Ceej has a hard on for Sliders, we talk about the obscene amounts of documentaries we have seen lately, Rob gets cable and makes fun of crackheads, and the FT13 remake looks awesome. Also, Rob details the worst thing he has ever seen while his cat almost dies. Also, check out the band Green if you dug the last song on the podcast: Click here to go Green
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