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Coming soon: PodCaust The Movie...We self indulge for a bit with our musical project and then we move on to the hot topics of the day: Robot Sex, hauntings, Tony Todd, Cloud and the Downward Spiral and some listener mail!
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It's one of THOSE episodes. You know, drunken and rambling... Would we make good stand up comedians? Rob wouldn't, but Ceej would kill. Crank it up to 11 and get prepared for to hear drunken commentary on the following subjects: DDR, Happy Days = Sin City, Bioshock 2, Peggle, our thoughts on some SNES RPGs and more.
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What's our name? PODCAUST! We brainstorm other ideas and entertain the thought of Cj being the leader. Cj describes how he could make the Saw franchise relevant and Rob gets super excited about a trip back to the Predator universe. The Russians sucked, robots were awesome, and Brock Samson is a pimp.
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Just how much does it suck buying a house? Ceej will tell us tales of ratipedes, mystery spots and much, much more. Then we chat about celebrity chefs, SNL, and intelligent science fiction movies. What are some of the best/worst movie to video games and video games to movies? Prepare to find out.
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It pays to be nice to your server and if you decide not to, make sure you have backup. We discuss the merits of Ralph Bakshi and why Roger Rabbit kicks ass. Rob totally would have tried to nail Boof and Jordan and competetive eating may be right up our alleys. Rob talks about polygamy and the benefits of it along with the drawbacks during a zombie attack. We listen to some voice mail and Ceej decides to spoil The Uninvited. Thank god.
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And the first seal has been broken: Ceej actually drinks during the episode and gets drunk. Rob spoils the shit out of the new Terminator movie around 5:00 - 13:00 so skip ahead if you don't want to be spoiled. We learn that CJ finally admits that LOST is...losing him, Bruce Campbell needs to stop being Bruce Campbell and we learn what animals we'd be if we were Furries. Nerdcore, comedians, inFamous and more are discussed. Also, we bust out a random freestyle in the middle, and Rob attempts to flow. A fun and random episode.
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Taking this back to basics here yet again. We love the hell out of the new show, Obsessed and we discuss how fucked up those people are. Ceej finally checks out Night of the Comet and we have a serious discussion about joing the military. Rob was tormented as a child, Ceej wears questionable attire and we discuss alter egos of the worst kind.
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Ceej talks about the lack of haunted houses in his search for a perfect home. Then we discuss the epicness that was E3. Microsoft won, Sony did their best and Nintendo has just lost it. There are a lot of new games coming out and some exciting technology is headed our way.
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Rob is forgetful and Ceej feels betrayed. Rob then dresses in drag and almost gets raped, Zack Morris can save the day and we hope the windsock look catches on. We make up and we discuss some random flicks (Critters, One Crazy Summer, The Stand, Suburban Commando and more!), the late night war and new video game releases.
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The King of Pop has died. Ed is dead. David is gone and Farrah as well. Whatever shall we do? What we always do. We take a quick moment of silence before diving into the hot issues of the week: Magnum PI, autoerotic asphyxiation with spotters, superhero cockblocking, Xbox STD's, busting ghosts and the return of Mad Libs. Also, never look down. You never know what Rob is holding.
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