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Rob almost dies and because of this asks Ceej to respect his final wishes. Ceej reluctantly drops some mega news, we laugh at picky eaters and discuss mind altering substances. Samwise Gamgee was a badass in Toy Soldiers, LL Cool J was supposed to be a badass in Toys and voice mail!
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If you like Marmaduke, you'll love us! Buff Headcheese gets banned and gets death threats. Rob gets semi banned and gets support. Lesley gets banned into the shed and Ceej doesn't do anything. During all of this we talk about Comic Con, Freddy, Obi-Wan's cock envy, crying during movies and the return of Fan Fiction Theater.
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What's with these kids today and their bippin' and their boppin' and their hippin' and their hoppin'? We don't get it and we kindly invite you to get off of our fucking lawn. During all of this we discuss the use of CGI vs. practical effects, the fact that adults still talk shit, and just what did ICP mean when they rapped about going chicken hunting?
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We finally take a fucking vacation and come back with some stupid stories. Ceej loves him some steak, Rob gets cockblocked by some Asians, and Ceej doesn't care about friendship. Rob cries during the Wrath of Khan, Ceej spoils Harry Potter and jams to We are Wizards, our new Police Academy band is born, and we meet up with Fej from the boards. Then Rob and Lesley spoil the shit out of District 9 during their segment at the end of the episode.

Also, check out: Just (A Radiohead Project) if you're a fan of Radiohead.
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We start off with Ceej declaring that kids shouldn't have confidence and move on to one man's harrowing journey while trying to kick the H. Rob hangs out with Bruce Leeroy, doesn't hang out with The Blues Brothers and then we talk about Avatar and the other Avatar. Gamers are fat, people still hate nerds, and we make some pretty bad fashion choices. Then, voicemail!
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Oh the horrors of gym class. Ceej used his big brain to get out of most it while Rob figured out how to sneak away to smoke everytime. Buddhist Monks piss off Ceej, Rob can't wait for the Ren Fest and we daydream about being superheroes. Rob went LARPing as a teen and regretted it, Ceej is amazed by Rob's poor taste in comedies and we discuss Tarantino's films. Fred Durst calls in, Hocken's power comes from his v-necks and our BLT drive just went AWOL.
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RIP Patrick Swayze and Jim Carroll. We take a moment of silence before getting into a frank discussion about Ceej's skeezy liphair, the difference between bar fights and cop fights, and who we want to see throwing riddles around. Rob loathes Fable and berates Ceej for being a sassy scoundrel. Rob loves the hell out of Banjo and Kazooie and we reminisce about how we used to kill our legomen by drowning them. A ton of voice mails involving velociraptors, crazy white people and a disturbing one involving clowns. Ceej distrusts everyone and Rob wants to ride around like R.Crumb in his celebrity sex fantasy.
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This is a special episode. The Beginning. The first episode. EVER. Only heard by about 5 people, this episode never saw the light of day. Until now. The very first ever attempt at recording our little show has been found within Rob's external harddrive. Buried between hardcore porn, escape plans in case of a zombie epidemic, pictures of unicorns and episodes of Duck Tales, this gem was found. The quality is suspect but that only shows how much we have grown since then. Not much. We hope you enjoy this very special episode of PodCaust. And remember, never get into a car with a stranger and if your uncle wants to play Neptune, King of the Sea, just say no.
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